Winter de-funk glow up routine" (the mental health detox series)

Hi all,

Babe here and today I’m back with the long awaited winter de-funkify glow up routine. I’m here to share with you a few hacks and tricks that have worked for me personally, in the hopes it will serve as a little guide to help you maintain through these sleepy winter days and nights.


1.   First things first you want to “Wake up thinking about what you’re grateful for, and gas yourself up mentally by telling yourself how awesome, beautiful, smart, and driven you are” and yes, in that order.


2.   Immediately get ready for your day, by starting off with a warm shower. Allow the steam to enter your nose and breathe out through your mouth a few times to center yourself in the moment, and then continue on as you usually would. I usually like to bump some of my favorite music on Spotify, or warm up my vocals for a day of vlogging, singing, and/or speaking. Once you’re finished with your best American Idol audition (shower edition), follow up with a heavy moisturizer, making sure to give yourself a massage in any areas that feel tight.


3.   Pause for a few moments and check in on how you feel. Going back to the first step (I want to elaborate a bit more on that.) You see, when you begin your day grumbling, bitching and dragging your feet like a little gremlin, you screw yourself over before you even begin. I’ve noticed significant improvement on my mental health, and overall motivation and energy levels once I got the hang of step one; patience is key.

So right about now you’re probably feeling nice and warm on the inside, and I’m sure you’re lookin’ banging on the outside considering you followed step one and two, by getting ready for your day, and step three (taking a moment to reflect on how positive you feel already). Which, if so, great! You’ll need that positivity for this next one:

4.   Skip the coffee, and opt for a soda water with lemon, or a green tea first thing in the morning to prevent crashing and anxiety associated with caffeine. If you can’t resist the caffeine, I suggest a cafe au lait, choose the dark roast blend (less caffeine, and way tastier in my opinion) a 4 sec. pour of cold oat milk, which is way more filling, and lastly, honey to sweeten. If you can’t forgo the coffee fix, definitely snack along with it; that way you’ll hopefully be able to avoid the jitters that can slow your motivation.


5.   Work on one large project a day, take care of at least a few daily responsibilities, and make time for friends, and loved ones. I included these three in an all for one bundle just for you. Why, because over the years, I’ve noticed that those were the main culprits that attributed to my stress. The balance of it all! Girlfriend let me tell you. Western society didn’t teach us how to nurture ourselves, let alone one another. That’s mainly why I’m so committed to my platform wherein I get the opportunity to share my lifestyle and truth , for I myself couldn’t make it out of bed, without knowing my purpose, feeling there’s meaning to life, or feeling that I am loved. Dramatic, I know. Just…try thinking on this for yourself for a minute. Can you really say you’ve had a good day when any of these needs aren’t met? If you’re on vacation, without current responsibilities and/or lacking an actual beating heart, please don’t answer. Ha!


6.   Exercise. Listen to me Shorty when I speak right fast on this one. You don’t need the Instagram baddie body. Again, for the ones in the back, the ones steady trying to stare at your “back”, and the ones injecting God knows what, basically killing themselves into their buttocks to get “back”, and Sir-mix-a lot can kiss my sweet buns, when I say this: But I don’t work out, and refuse to if the end result is to get that Kim K body everyone striving for right now. Those body shapes are beautiful, but so are all bodies, and we really need to learn to appreciate diversity, and that starts by your loving your body shape. So, truthfully, I go to the gym so I can clear my mind, strengthen my respiratory and cardiovascular system, and to sweat (our bodies way of detoxing through the skin). That’s it, and that’s all folks.


7.   Light up the room! Get rid of those winter blues, by purchasing a few lamps for your place. Light therapy has been proven to help regulate hormones associated with our biorhythm, and melatonin, the hormone that regulates wakefulness. This step alone has kept me more awake and less moody.


8.   Scroll less, and listen to music more. There are others ways to get your inspiration whilst feeling like you’re still in the loop with society and that connection my loves, comes to you in this method old as time. Music! Just try this for yourself, tune in and tune out.


9.   Get to bed 7-8 hours before your first alarm, and set three in the morning. Why three you ask? Haha I’m not sure, that just works for me. Do what works for you; just make sure you at least hear me out on the seven hours of sleep bit. If you want to know the secret to how some of us are able to wake up early, you can thank that lovingly un-glamorous tip. Haha! Get your zzzz’s.


To conclude, I want to remind you lovelies, that winter is just one season of many., (unless you reside on Antarctica), and just to think- some people actually live for the winter time. I however, do not. But best know, I make it through with the above mentioned “winter de-funk routine”, and by keeping in mind that there’s what, roughly four months of winter until its Spring, and then it’s my birthday and all is well! Haha.

But to be serious for a second, let’s learn to respect the cycles of Mother Nature, and let our friends in Australia enjoy their sunshine and warmth for a chance. It’s all love here!

I hope this article helps some of you. The comment section is now open to any and all comments (be nice), and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you’re willing to share-that I can apply, to help me help this platform grow.  


Until next time,

Xx Babe