How to read your own energy

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 Opening meditation: These days most of us are so plugged in, we often find our necks and backs aching, yet fail to see it as sign of stress. What will it take for us to associate our energy with our mood, our mood with our happiness, and our happiness with our health; and realize it’s actually more of a cycle, and not a one way trip? It’s now that I really wish I were hosting a seminar as you are obviously reading this post though a device. I guess I can at least try and lessen the blow by inviting you to-if you can-find a comfortable position sitting cross-legged with your back propped, or draped out in front of you with your back supported and comfortable. Pro tip: Try holding your phone at upper chest level with both hands, keeping your head straight, and your phone nestled between your two thumbs and fingers. Holding your phone near your lap actually adds major stress to the base of your skull. Make sure to roll your shoulders back and down, and don’t forget to unclench your jaw, uncross your ankles, and soften the brows around you eyebrows. When you take a moment to breathe, your spirit gets a moment to thank you for keeping your vessel healthy and functioning so that it may have the chance to serve its purpose here on earth. When I think about it from that angle, well…I actually let out a huge sigh I had no clue I was even holding. It’s just then, that my gaze drifts upward and my head feels light that I begin to feel my spirit stirring, as If it wishes to speak. Let it…you’re more than you you’re building on your phone. But since you’re here already, let’s dive in.


Energy Reading tips for the everyday modern mystic


Get present

 Seriously sis, if you can’t find a way to take in the present moment, and actually enjoy it, you don’t stand a chance at actually getting to the bottom of what you really want. I say that because of course who doesn’t want the world? There’s the girls night out you have planned god knows why a week in advanced, and the pair of boots you want that you believe will level you up, and the phone call you were supposed to make three days ago when you promised; before you know it you made zero steps toward your actual goals. If running around in circles were a sport, you fuckin’ win. (You’d probably feel better about that if you were sporting a matching tennis skirt), and now you’re off to biting your nails about how you are short this check, and how the last one barely got you by. Get Present. Do you get it now? Even If those weren’t the exact worries, you know I’m onto something. We all think we’re really here until reality hits. The only reason why it hurt so badly too is because we have no clue what living in the now really means. It’s your job to find it.


Here are a few activities you can try (at random) to get you there:

  • ·       Get naked- hey we’re human, nothing like taking of all your clothes to get you livin a little.

  • Find a folk genre playlist and listen to the lyrics (My go-to favorite is “Roots Rising” on Spotify)

  • Take a hot bath.

  • Go on a hike. Additional points if you bring your dog.

  • Sit on your balcony, front porch, or back porch and just chill and watch the birds and hug your knees. (Additional hugs If you actually start rocking back and forth, crying.)

  • Paint. What you get is what you get too. Hang that shit up!

  • Read. If you need to know where to start, check out this post for 5 books that helped me learn about energy and healing.

  • Dance. Yes, alone. Just…stretch before you do, ok?


Get Honest

Now that you’re feeling your actual self, get real with yourself. How do you really feel? No, not how do you want to feel, or what do you think you’re supposed to feel. We’re so good at getting honest when we’re feeling indignant and having something to prove to the world, all that macho energy really does a gal well when she needs to get through the day, but that’s not why we’re here. It’s just you darling; now ask yourself, “How do I feel?”


Find Peace

One thing we must learn about ourselves is that we really don’t self destruct. I mean, if we’re referring to the human self then yes, tequila before bed? Well of course! Haha No but, like I guess let’s start thinking of ourselves as more soul than body for a second. Right now, (hopefully) you have read and taken action on the above mentioned; and you have created space for your soul to now come forth.

One thing I have a hard time coming across of is esoteric teachings on the connection between energy and spirit. Let me ask you something: can you recall a moment someone has told you “you have nice energy?” They were no doubt glimpsing into your spirit, your energy field is merely a byproduct. Your soul carries a message.If you feel it, then by all means; stay there. That’s peace; that’s all you were ever really searching for.



If I may slowly rouse you out of your reverie…

You have now found connection with your spirit, and now’s a great time if ever, to begin healing the body.



Eat intuitively

If you don’t have immediate access to the foods your spirit is guiding you to, write a list, and set a reminder in your phone to refer back to it. And when you’re able, find a local farmers market or health food store. I like Sprouts, as its fairly easy to navigate the store, the customers that shop there are very like-minded, and the produce is well stocked, well priced, and fresh.


Side note: During this process you may be feeling a bit out of it, as that is what mediation does but- wait meditation you say? Yeah, you totally just meditated babe, congratulations. Haha I just walked you through my meditation routine, and can make a video at a later date explaining further, but for now, go feed that wonderful body of yours.


Break a sweat

Do you remember earlier when you felt your spirit whispering it’s thanks to your body for providing shelter? Well, here’s your chance to really shine. And by shine, I mean glisten.

Our bodies are merely a dedicated vessel to the soul it carries, but it doesn’t always remember that. That’s because we are still human creatures, and have desires beyond the intelligence of the soul. Think of it this way; your soul chose to be born into your body. It gets to run around like a kid in a theme park to the tune of its own melody. But sometimes, the rhythm section (your body) kicks in too heavy thinking it’s the only member in the band! Are you still there? Haha

Look, in order for your soul to cash in on its half of the prize, it needs you, to hold up your end of the deal, (providing a finely tuned instrument); for it is your souls divine pleasure to breathe life (and ultimately) its purpose, into your impeccable human form.


If your head hurts, do not be of concern. I won’t say it was difficult for me to wrap my head around this reality, as I am a born mystic (an old soul as my mom once said). I have always been very tapped into spirit; it was only years later- being pulled by the stars, that I stumbled upon all of this knowledge; and it was then my soul felt, at last, home here on earth.


I am building a platform where I can share, in my own words, what I’ve learned and am still learning. With this guide, it is my hope that you felt something innately true for yourself with intent to discovering more of it for that’s your gold. And though you are so much more precious than anything found here on earth, I pray you learn to love yourself.


Always love,

Xx Babe