My Guilty Pleasures (sorry mom LOL)

My Guilty pleasures

Being that it's Valentine's Day weekend, I found it very appropriate to close this delicious holiday out with none other than a complete list of all of my guilty pleasures. And I'm taking ya'll back, (way back) with me, to discover whether any of my childhood favorites still hold up in comparison to ones I've newly found I enjoy today. Keep in mind this is a "Guilty Pleasures" post; and though I've had quite a lot of time to accept my love and adoration for these pastimes, items, things and such- do not judge ya girl for enjoying her life and these things (listed below) in it. And so, without further ado, let's get into it.


Mac & Cheese: There's just something about the elbow noodles (or if you're lucky-pasta shells) that when drowned in loads of creamy cheddar cheese, just conjures up the inner child and encourages her to stay (and play) awhile. It's so funny when I look back on a fond memory where I stood there with a furrowed brow as my mom tried to convince me that by my eating too much of this stuff, I would one day lose my appetite-entirely-for it. And though, that prediction (so far) has yet to come true, Mac & Cheese makes its profound appearance alongside other nutrient-dense entrees, and has long left its days-as a broke college students' sorry excuse for a daily meal- long behind.

I gotta say- still to this day, I cannot properly respect any dinner host who isn't mindful enough to make a custom recipe Mac & Cheese and serve it unto the vastly diverse palate of their dinner guest. You're failing everyone at your dinner party, and its time someone told you, Sharon. It is 2019 and I am nowhere close to losing my appetite for this intensely pleasurable meal and neither are the loads of respectable adults out there, who don’t quite have the balls yet to admit it. So, take your Mac & Cheese game up to it next level, by I-don't-know, adding ingredients in other than the ones listed on the box. and bring it to the next dinner holiday party, for you will be someones hero, that I promise you.

Extra points if you make the cheese from scratch (the fewer preservatives and additives, the better). I've had it on my wish list to buy a food processor, to make cashew cheese for so long now, and I will no doubt be sharing that recipe for you all in the coming year.


Netflix/YouTube: Long ago, you could find me huddled in the same spot with my guitar nestled nearby, a cooled mug of homemade coffee, and a reality television show, or VH1 documentary (about some Pop Star who made it), playing on the widescreen TV in front of me. This ritual served as a way to balance practicing for hours on end with giving the art “space to breathe” so that I wasn't overly critica or less interested in getting it right. And though that sounds pretty redundant, (practicing with the TV on would be distraction, wouldn't you think?) Well, not exactly. To this day, I know many talented musicians who take a similar approach when getting in some practice time, and when I found that out, I stopped feeling guilty, and started enjoying my quirky practice sessions. Needless to say, I have long left behind cable and satellite TV in favor of the more affordable Netflix, and occasional YouTube, however, I still find it least enjoyable to get any work done without checking out some of my favorite YouTubers latest videos, or using Riverdale as background noise while I practice my set-list. Do not ask me why, or how. I work for myself, so my rules! ;)


Wine/Plant medicine: I'm still, I'm still, Missy from the block. (Yeah, I used to be called Missy back in the day before I moved from my hometown, and I felt that it fit.) haha But one thing that hasn't changed over the years, is my love for plant medicine as a spiritual ally. I feel as though someday I will speak more on this topic, but I would love to start here, and briefly explain that this pleasure is definitely not a guilty one, for me. (I will do a video on this once I get enough request to do so). And Wine, because well, wine not? Haha is that a pun? I'm terrible at those. But what I'm not terrible at is buying and knowing where to find the best and most affordable wines, that-is-all based on my well-rounded palate, but of course. I would like to consider myself an adult, so again, let's carry on somewhere else with any judgment, but you got it: plant medicine, coupled with wine (and sometimes champagne) and I'm a happy chickie.


Sushi: Yep. With ramen and chardonnay. Omigod. Like, only your early twenties, non-pregnant, but in a relationship (so not dating), works for her money-but still enjoys a splurge, kind of chick could possibly see the beauty in this one.


Mexican Cola: Okay, speaking of relationships, didn't every girl find herself on a date in which her prospect-of-a beau asked if she would like a Mexican Cola, for her to turn around like what? Mexican Cola, what's that? Only for him to turn around and buy two, (because he somehow knew she would totally go crazy about the lack of, what is it-high fructose syrup- in her cola and want another one) then finds himself buying two more, like, every week for the rest of forever, and I guess this means we're dating now, right; And so now you can never look at a Mexican Cola without being reminded of the love you two share together..? Or was that just me.


Sims: Take. Me. Back. Haha wow. I love Sims. I was actually what you would call an addict, back in the day, and lucky I was a blessed little preteen and had parents who supplied her in the latest expansion packs, but although it has been some time, and I do not have the latest Sims on PC; I do have it on Xbox and my boyfriend and I are building a life on there together, as we speak.


Girls Night Out: (Clubbing & Dancing Edition) If you want to see me excel in life faster than any boss hoe, just remind me that I'm doing all of this work so I can enjoy myself on the weekends with my girls-I mean, if ever I were in the event where I was feeling down on myself and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But you wanna know what's so sad? I actually haven't done much of this in the past few years. It's mainly because I've been away from home, and therefore been homie-less. However, in those same past few years, I've been blessed with the ability to plan trips and travel on our semi-annual Girl Trips. With the solid base of friends I do have, and clubbing always takes top priority for us-I gotta say that nightclubs are not inherently evil; you do have to know what you're doing, and no worries babes, I can share the few tips and tricks I have (at a later date) to ensure you never make the same mistakes I did LOL But if GNO Clubbing and dancing is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


Sitting in Coffee Shops: Yeah…and I like to dreamily gaze out of a window, alternating between sipping and cooling my mocha latte, and reading the latest book on self-development or spirituality. And yes, I'm being 100% serious, unless of course the window seats are taken. Haha But to be frank: coffee shops are my shit! I owe a lot of my self development to the time I’ve spent in coffee shops amongst friends, and strangers alike. These sacred places are the new churches. Ones where the only sin you can really make is to fail to tip your barista ;)


Doritos: Yeah, I just put these on here, because I'm staring right at a half-eaten bag of them, family size no less.


Jumping on fluffy soft surfaces: My boyfriend playfully chastising me will never seize to not amuse me, (cause me endless amounts of joy) in such a way that I'm once again, inspired to jump around on these fluffy surfaces, despite his constant and incessant warnings that the mattress or couch may lose their shape… blah blah blah One of our first dates actually, was at the trampoline park. He should've known what he was getting into.


Candles & Long hot baths: If I told you I've never spent money on candles at Bath & Bodyworks would you believe me? I think somewhere there is a mom shaking her head in disbelief. But you my friend, I think you get me. You understand why a candle addict twenty-something year old cannot for the life of her justify, (even with the random and somewhat-awesome deals that appear in big red numbers on the signs at the shopping mall), spending even $6 on a candle at Bath & Bodyworks, when she can get one at the local Wal-Mart. The candles there smell just as good, for half of the price and you can go home with a lot more your money can't buy, (your dignity).

Also, bubble baths are in life. And shut up no, I've never shopped at Lush, and probably never will. Please see my bath ritual/routine for more on this topic.


Sleeping in: This last guy is on my list for one too many reasons. When I was a kid, I was told that I had the worst time staying up for most New Years Eve countdowns, that I was a party pooper, and often found to be sleep before everyone else. I think I relate so much to the recount of my younger self, a little too well, that I decided top off my guilty pleasures list with one we all can relate to.

For one, In my lawful defense, I am a Pisces and as Pisces as Pisces get. Two, I find that sleeping allows me to rejuvenate both in body, mind, and spirit, and three, sleeping in only means so much depending on who you ask. If say, like me, you work for your own business, sleeping in compared to the internal clock of a corporate man, differs quite drastically. Now to be clear, working for oneself doesn't justify being a lazy piece of poop, but what it does do, is it allows you make your own schedule.

While working on my business, I have a huge workload of tasks to do, content to create, and emails to read and send, which doesn't allow me the strange pleasure of waking up around noon. so I have learned over these last few months that waking up early around 5 a.m. to (maybe pick-up a short shift at my day job or go to the gym), gives me enough time to get my creative juices going to do the real work of my business around eleven a.m. But with that being said, something a traditional 9-5 cant provide is the fact that I also need a lot of rest due to the amounts of mental energy I exert in my waking life by just being who I am; so naps are yes, quite a thing, around here. What can I say? I need a lot of breaks from the societal bull that's constantly being fired from every direction at me, and sleep happens to be the exact remedy for all of that. I spend my every day waking hour ensuring tight-knit security around myself so I can deal with it less, that by the end of the day, I sleep quite peacefully, and easily. I’m just not someone who is meant to work for someone else, and that’s okay. A lot of people out there are. I know what works and doesn’t work, and to me, its my job to make life work for me, and not the other way around.


Ok! You made it to the very end of my (horribly void of images) blog post. It wont be this way much longer my dear, I assure you. Now that my business is about to shift into higher gear, I will be updating this entire blog with the content you all have been waiting for. This all takes a lot of time, energy, money and effort, so I will be needing to sleep more, along with getting the exercise, nutrients, and moderate amounts of play needed to keep this all going. It will not happen all at once, but if anything, you’ll see most of the changes happen on my new instagram page @babethesiren, so follow me there.

And as I slip into what will be the longest week of my life, It is my honor to share with you all, a list of things that, well-get me off. I hope you all have a great week; perhaps you can to write a similar list of your own; nothing says "I see, love and appreciate you more like acknowledging and allowing oneself to indulge in life's simple (or if you're like me-guilty) pleasures.

xx Babe