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An Unofficial Q&A:


Hey lovesss!! So I’m quite aware none of you really know much about me, and admittedly, I thought this whole social media, slash blog, slash vlog would take off a lot faster than it actually has, and the natural drama queen that I am, just fawned at the idea of receiving hoards of nosey questions from a curious lot of followers I've yet to obtain. So, not one to wait on life to pick and hand me roses, I meandered off on an online expedition to self-kick start the interest of the public; I went off on a search to answer the most interesting yet ambiguous questions followers ask (in nail-biting anticipation) to three of the Instagrams hottest It girls.

Yes, I totally lurked on other Instagrammers profiles, but hey, I did follow them as well and tagged them below in case you'd like to know how they may have answered their beloved followings top burning questions. In any case, I had a blast answering their Q&A’s as if they were my own. Within the process of writing this post, I discovered once again in me a girl not willing to give up, or make excuses; the archetypal heroine in me so ambitious, she would rather start the party before ever sitting on the sidelines moping about not being invited.

They say "good girls seldom make history", I'd like to believe neither do the meek. Someone wise once said, “fake it til you make it” and so I did. Here's your chance to get to know a bit about the girl behind the moniker Babe the Siren, the songstress, the dreamer, the everyday house bunny babe herself. Enjoy! And thank you for stopping by!


IT girl #1 @jar.line had some really juicy questions from her followers and here are some of the question I'm pretending they asked me, and my answers:

What's your star sign? My sun sign is in Pisces, My moon is in Aries, and My Rising Sun is in Leo.

What are three things in your purse? My 3 top must-haves (other than the essentials) travel sized Johnsons baby lotion, Lavender essential oil, Nyx Butter Gloss.

Do you think there's an afterlife? I believe when we pass, we're heading somewhere; whether or not there's life, I'm not sure. I do believe in reincarnation but am still on the fence as to what occurs in the space between one's final heartbeat and the next life. Guess someday I'll find out.

Where do you see in 15 years? God-willing healthy and full of joy. I'll definitely be a mom and married. I'd no doubt have found a way to balance my inner world with the demands of society, and mastered how to love myself, have peace with myself and others, and continue to teach, inspire and uplift the lives around me.

What would you describe your style to be? I’m trying to still find it to be honest. I used to be all about funky prints, and all black. Right now I’m mostly in leggings, and crop tops; but I’m getting the urge to show more off, ya know? Wear exclusively heels, and add more color to my wardrobe. I just dropped off the last batch of giveaways in my closet to Goodwill today and In the middle of shopping on Keep a lookout on my youtube channel, ya girl is about to glow up!

When is your birthday? March 4th, I just turned 24. I filmed a vlog for that weekend but to be honest, I didn't do too much and was very drunk that weekend in most of the footage so I didn't upload it haha maybe next year

What type of music do you make? Folk-inspired soul music. I've played the guitar since I was 17, and am entirely self-taught and can hold down a solo acoustic set for nearly 90 minutes. We are tracking my first release, an e.p and I couldn't be more happy to finally have come to this point in life where I accept my journey, my truth and refuse to hide from the world because some record exec hasn't "discovered" me yet.

What inspires you to be optimistic? Inner self-confidence, and becoming a better version of myself (that being a challenge) immediately gets me out of bed every early morning to conquer the day and do my best so I may have a chance to realize my dream and live my ideal life. I guess, my life inspires me; you only get one bb.


IT girl #2 @oandaqueen: I came across this stylish babe via Pinterest when I was scouting for a new style that would fit my brand other than my usual colored hair and black attire. This girl probably shits rainbows and I know from her Q&A that she certainly eats a colorful diet (being vegan), anyway here are some questions her followers asked her, and here are my answers:

Do you have a good relationship with your parents? How old were you when you moved out? Yes, I'd like to think o. I use to give my mom a hard time when I was an early teen, and we haven't had as close of a connection since then, but I am very close to my Dad. I speak to my dad nearly every week, and my mom occasionally and I think it just works for us all this way. Like for example, my sister (whom I adore) is very close to my mom, and so I guess, between her, my brother and me, we balance the love very well when it comes to getting along as a family of divorced parents; it's complicated but it's all love. I moved out at 18.

How to improve confidence and self-esteem? I think once you've reached a few low points (hopefully one will do) you learn that to have healthy self-esteem, and self-confidence is an absolute necessity if you hope to live a fulfilling and mentally stable life that is. Don't read too much into what works for other people, but take the motivation they give you with "how they improve their self-esteem" and use that when wanting to get to feeling better about yourself. However, ultimately the journey is yours alone to take. And you'd better take it seriously because you'll miss out on so much in this one life, or make tons of terrible decisions if you don’t start working that confidence muscle.

How much weed Is too much weed? I love this question. Plant medicine is something I'm pretty passionate about; I can't wait to gain more knowledge and authority (as well as a few licenses) to counsel my own clientele someday. But for now, all I can advise is to listen to your body; respect your tolerance, and allow the heart and body to guide your decisions and not solely the head.

How long have you been in a relationship with your boyfriend? We have been dating for two years and four months <3 And we’re very much still into each other haha


Ok so this girl @nxshaya is absolutely stunning, but what I love most about her other than her style and posing inspo she gave me. I just adore her personality, which I was able to feel out whilst scouring the loads of questions her open-minded thousands of followers asked her; here are some of the questions they asked, and my answers:

what are some of your talents? I write songs, play guitar and sing. And actually, aspire to become a signed recording artist someday. This passion and goal of mine have led me since about the age of 17 when I begin performing around my hometown, eventually deciding to move to The "Live music Capitol", Austin Texas to pursue my dream more fully. Now I've come to understand more about myself, my wants, and capabilities, (as well as the industry) and I know that If I don't get my butt to L.A soon, this dream may very well die with me. I'm an aspiring music artist first and foremost and social media influencer second.

Do you want kids in the future? Yes yes yes.

Did you have braces? Funny you ask lol jk but I'm getting braces for the first time (thanks dad) and will have my first Invisalign tray at the end of April.

Do you have any bad habits? Procrastinating, and believing in my own excuses, hello?? lol

How tall are you? 5’6”

What is your advice for growing up and following your passions? Do not believe the excuses that come to your head and out of your mouth. You will probably have a lot of them for some time as you grow into yourself, and that’s ok! What you do and do not do seldom determines where you'll end up unless It becomes a habit. So check your bad habits, and push past your excuses, doubts, and worries, and of course, work hard, but don't overwork yourself, just focus. If you aren't moving forward, its because you aren't. So move forward by setting weekly attainable goals. And don't judge yourself. It is never glamorous, and if it is, you’re being tricked or played by someone. This happened to me. Focus on improving yourself, your skills, and your relationships. I have a very in-depth video on this on my youtube channel, don't forget to subscribe while you're there!

What do you think makes a person beautiful? People who are honest and who have good intentions. I don't believe the saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Mostly because though I can see where the proverb is coming from, I believe if we had more well-intentioned people, ya know people coming from a good place, there’d be more trust and more good deeds going around.


Wow! That was fun. Now while I know nobody or their mom actually asked me any of these questions personally, I actually had a good time using my imagination to conjure up a flock of follower engagement over the details of my ever so interesting life. Someday I’ll follow this post up with questions asked of me personally, and I so can't wait to hit that milestone. Until then, I’ll definitely be uploading a similar themed “All about me” video to my youtube channel and I’ll go further in depth into who I am, where I’ve been and what I’m about.

I’ll see you over there babes!