5 books that taught me about Energy ♡

5 Books that taught me about Energy
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Energy Secrets: “The Ultimate Well-Being Plan” By: Alla Svirinskaya

I gotta say: this is such a perfect read to be introduced to at this time. Alla Svirinskaya, Internationally renowned healer, gives you the low down on everything you should know about energy, and how to cleanse your own. This is someone who comes from a background of five generations of Russian healers. I know! I bought this book back in August, from Half Priced Books but you can find the link to this book below (affiliate link). I haven’t started the detox program as of yet, as you should not detox-ever- in the winter, but I am so excited to start this spring. I will update you all on what techniques I myself have found helpful, but even If you do not begin with healing yourself physically, this book is loaded with information on how to cleanse your aura, protect your energy, and much more. I highly advice you check it out. This book is ranked at an intermediate level for my modern mystic babes. Get started today learning Russian space-clearing techniques, and be well on your way to manifesting real change in your everyday life.


Energy Secrets
By Alla Svirinskaya

“Manifesting Change” By: Mike Dooley

Oh my god, this one. I picked up this book before embarking on a weekend trip to my hometown, and spent more time obsessing over it than catching up with my friends. Needless to say, I was highly infatuated with this one. In Manifesting Change, Mike Dooley uses his entrepreneurial experience and merges it with the metaphysical. He breaks down, through the use of personal stories, analogies, and exercises, how to navigate the matrix to get what you really want. He even goes so far as to make easily navigational chart- which I often find myself referring back to, on just how to align your thoughts to create the life of your dreams.  And because he used a unique perspective on not getting caught up in end results, I consider this a great read for any over thinkers out there who have a hard time understanding how to make things happen. This is beginner level, but count on yourself really having to concentrate so to wrap your head around what the matrix actually is, (at least in terms of what Dooley is referring to). A great read overall.


Wheels of Life: The classic guide to the chakra system By: Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Okay, pump the brakes cuz I’m dishing out what has been a serious game changer for me. I’ve had this book for a few years now, but it’s been around for quite some time. I honestly think this book was my introduction to the chakra system, and let me tell you, little bright eyed me was straight hooked! The information you’ll find in here is so very laid out, just about anyone can find themselves following along effortlessly. I was actually able to hold down a retail position at one of the largest crystal and gem store in the nation, (Natures Treasures, based out of Austin, Tx.), due to the knowledge I gained from this book. The whole course of my life has been so positively impacted by this read that I had had had to share it. Get your hands on this if you can choose only one book from this list. I rate this one beginner friendly.


The Celestine Prophecy: An adventure By: James Redfield           

This one’s for the reader interested in fiction. Let me just go ahead and report that this stuff is so good, that James Redfield has got three more books just like it. Just a cautionary, (a very delicious one I might add), this four part series is straight loaded in spiritual based dialogue. Prepare to be just smothered in the most profound esoteric knowledge you’ll ever find in a fictional book. I think it being fictional helps the everyday reader adjust their set of beliefs more readily, and prepares one an outlook on what it truly means to live a lifestyle rooted in mysticism; The Celestine Prophecy is sure to help you understand what it means to truly live a purposeful life, and If anything, it could be great gift idea for just about anyone. I liken it to “The Alchemist” a novel by Paulo Coelho. I would include a review on that one, but I lent it to a friend and never got it back L (Don’t be that friend), and I need a refresher. Maybe just take my word for it? Ok… moving on.


Pulling your own Strings By: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I included this one for the mere sake of one individual who really wanted to know the source of the quotes I had been previewing on my Instagram story about a month ago. Girl, this one’s for you J I believe this book will go well with (at least) a preliminary introduction on energy and energy healing; otherwise consider the author of this book a bad influence on the less, how do I say this, conscious individual. I have plenty of sinister/witchy books in my collection, and I will share those someday, but for now, this book makes up the last of the five top books that have contributed to my knowledge on energy and here’s why: Energy goes both ways; on one hand you can use it to better the world and on the other you can use energy to create havoc. Some of are less conscious in the use of our energy and do the latter, albeit unintentionally; yet some just love to use the hell out people (and situations) to get what they want so I feel a little guilty for sharing this one. But hey, I didn’t write it, so here it goes haha Dr. Wayne W. Dyer sheds light on how to pull your own strings rather than having yours pulled. *shrugs* Call it a lesson in manipulation, or free advice on how to be bad b*tch. Just be warned that this book will require practice and a good heart, and so I intend to pass my blessing of this book strictly to the advanced mystic... Enjoy ;)


Pulling Your Own Strings
By Wayne W Dyer

Okay, so that concludes my first ever must have book collection recommendation. If you found this to be at all helpful, please leave a comment letting me know “how”. I would love to share more of my book collection with you all. I used to consider myself such a nerd as I have always been an avid reader and never stopped. I love that I now have a platform to share what I know, and can now find a community of like minded souls. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @babethesiren, and message me for any recommendations on future blog post you yourself would like to see from me. Other than that, I have a busy week ahead of me of filming and editing my first YouTube video. You can start following me now, @babethesiren, to be one of the first viewers I welcome. Love Love Love you.

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