Babe the Siren- the moniker- came naturally as a way of expressing the deeply nurturing girl next door, yet fiercely dynamic personality that is the “whats what” of who Melissa Ndettemi is. A once seventeen year old self-taught guitarist, and singer-songwriter, Babe often found herself dreaming of entertaining audiences in stadiums that would someday accommodate the god-given gift that is behind her powerhouse vocals.

Setting off to acquire knowledge of the world, and experience in the industry, she would soon find herself pondering just exactly what it means to be an Aspiring Artist in the Music Industry. For the next few years to come, Babe would begin planting roots in the Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin Texas and playing every open mic she could fit herself on. And though, self booking gigs with only her voice and guitar landed her at a few meeting tables with a few big players in town, she soon found her desire to “play the game” being ripped in shreds by the very hands offering her the “deal of her dreams”, if only she would give up who she is as well as her rights. (Music industry, eh?)

Deciding once in for all who she was going to be, Babe has found her courage to begin again; and this time her journey is taking her to screens near you! Enlisting Youtube, Instagram, and other social media outlets alike as her ally, Babe is well on her way to making waves on these platforms, documenting the ups and downs of her journey like she never has before, while at the same time- writing and producing her debut album in her industry standard home studio with long time boyfriend-and now fiance, Jacob Valdez; sound-engineer/musician.

This is a story of a girl following her North Star, and discovering it isn’t exactly what she had envisioned from the jump, but not giving up because of it. Encouraging honesty and transparency in all things she does, Babe invites you to follow her on her pursuit of once being an artist in her bedroom, to the big stages, and business tables; to sing to a growing number of crowds, and to thrive as a business woman and song writer.

Most importantly, to uphold her mission of: Being a bad bitch BUT staying right within”, she has created this platform to invite you to pull up a seat to the table, and grow in all things you love to do, with her blogs, vlogs, and insta stories serving as a stage for inspiration. You can establish a strong connection with the girl behind the stage name by subscribing to the email list, her youtube channel, and following her instagram to stay connected/inspired by/and empowered by THE Babe The Siren: the dreamer, the lover, and-- the muse.